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This part of the site is where I post people's requests for help. Some are looking for information or items, whilst others are trying to find people they once knew. If you can help anybody, please get in touch with them by clicking on the title of their entry.

Peter Brown - 1970 - seaman's book entries

Hi, I'm trying to find out what Peter Brown did on SS Canberra in 1970. His rating in his seaman's record book says N.W.M and description of Voyage is FRA, please can you help with what the abbreviations mean.
Many thanks
Bridget Collier

Trying to Trace Michael Daniels

Trying to trace Micheal Daniels re danny. Worked on the s.s. Canberra as a bell boy on the Maiden Voyage. If anyone knows him can you e-mail me at the above address. Thank you.

Dianne Westphal

Keith "Reece" or "Lloyd Jones"

I am hoping to make contact with Keith (Reece or Lloyd Jones) who was an officer in charge of The Dinning room during my first trip from Southampton on The Canberra on the 17th July
1987 we met again when he left the ship after the next voyage before he returned to North Wales, if anyone has any info of his wareabouts I would be grateful.

Memories of Lydia Todd

I'm Karen, grandaughter of Lydia Todd, who sailed many times as a Stewardess aboard the Himalaya and Canberra (and possibly the Uganda, too - I'm not 100% sure of the latter, though).  Sadly, I have no idea what period she worked with P and O on board these ships... possibly until some time in the 50s or 60s, maybe.  My Nanna was born in the 1900s and sailed aboard many ships to USA and Canada in the 1930s (that much I've gleaned from doing our family history and from the crew lists available on www.ancestry.co.uk) but I don't know where to look for details of my grandmother's other travels.

If anyone should remember my Nanna, or know where I might find information and/or crew lists, please drop me an email.

Karen :-)

Hunting for engineer Rod Taylor

Looking for Rod Taylor 2nd Engineer.  Sailed on Canberra, Iberia, Chusan 1968-1971.  If anyone knows a current email/contact address I'd be eternally grateful!

Looking for Sidney Scott

Trying to trace my uncle Sidney Scott, wine steward on Pacific Princess forty five years ago. Lost all contact when my gran died. He was from Northern Ireland but settled in England Southport I think. He really enjoyed the P&O line and told me tails that took me to those places and people he visited and meet.

"Moon Over Vigo" - Falklands War Demonstration

In Vigo in July 1983 there was a near riot on the quayside when local protesters vented their feelings against the Canberra in the wake of the Falklands War. Does anyone have any photos from the response from those boarding the ship which made the front page of the El Pais newspaper when a passenger 'mooned' at the maurauding hordes on the quayside. Anyone with pix can e-mail them to wag-ads@tiscali.co.uk

Thank you again

Looking for Collin Allen

This message is for Collin Allen I have emailed Colin when he appeared on the latest up dates but have had no reply if anyone knows Colin couled give him a message & point him in-the right direction he could connect to several of his old shipmates from the 1967 / 68 / 69 era .

Thanks & all the best to all you Canberra people.

Pete e.

Fatal accident in 1973 - Rozario Gomez

Dear SS Canberra crew and passengers

I am writing on behalf of the family of Rozario Gomes, who was the laundryman who died on the Canberra in 1973. This was when the Canberra ran aground in Grenada and was under tow when the rope snapped, smashing through the chinese laundry and hitting him in the face.

I would be grateful of any person who can provide any information as to how this happened, including any witnesses.

Many thanks for any help

Krishnendu Mukherjee

Paul Robinson aka "Barney"

Trying to find any infomation on a bell boy/tourist waiter by the name of Paul Robinson a.k.a BARNEY. We served together on the ss .Iberia and also the Canberra. We shared a cabin on the Canberra in 1970/71.

We both worked on the iberia as bellboys, he used to do the morning news sheets from the beauro office. and i was the tourist bells. It's been many years now and would love to find out how/were he is/ meet up for a reunion.

Please can any one help,as it would be great to see him again, is there any  old bell boys/ waiters from Iberia or Canberra that worked under Bill White 1st class resturant that remember me. Bell boys names were Spock, Mark, Gail, all on iberia as well as Barney. Thank you, Mick.

Michael Cavanagh  

Can you help a Crime novelist

I am a crime writer. 

My marine mystery crime novels are set in the Solent area on the south coast of England. They are published in the UK and USA, and are on sale around the world and have been translated into many languages.  I am currently researching the seventh novel in the Inspector Andy Horton series and would like to hear from any crew or passengers who were on board the Canberra during the 1981 dock strike when they were forced to disembark by ferry at Spithead instead of sailing into Southampton. Details of how this was organised, impressions, weather, physical conditions... any info would be appreciated. Thank you.


Pauline Rowson  

Where is Terry Allen?

Hi Everyone. I am looking for Terry Allen he was part of the night Gang in 1975. If anyone knows where he is please contact me please.

Eva Victcozy

Roy Ridgway

Hi, just wanted to know if anyone remembers my dad working on the Canberra in the mid sixities. Wwould like to know any stories or anything about his time back then.

Many thanks
Mark Ridgway

Where is Alan Casey?

I am trying to re-establish contact with Alan Casey who worked in the Canberra engine room in the early 80's. I last spoke to Alan when he was living in New Zealand but sadly have since lost his e-mail address and phone number.

If anyone can supply current contact details that would be brilliant or alternatively perhaps they could forward this e-mail address - wag-ads@tiscali.co.uk - to him so that he could contact me. So many happy memories of my times on the ship - perhaps someone might even remember the Vigo exploits of '83 when the moon shone on the quayside. Also does anyone have contacts for Gibraltar Joe?

Les Peters

John Hunter (aka Feely John)

Hello i am trying to get in contact with John Hunter (Feely John). He worked on the ship as a Asst Steward in the Falklands War and was still working on the ship in 1983. After that I have no more info.

If you have any info at all that would help me get in contact with him please email me with what you know

Thank you.

Ken Franklin

I was wondering if anyone remembers my dad, Ken Franklin who worked on the Canberra in the late 60's.

Please get in contact with his Daughter Angela

Remember Charlie Ross?

Does anyone remember Charlie Ross, Chef in 1960's? If so, please email me.

George Rankin

My granfather sailed on many ships including the Canberra. He would have been either a electrician or chief electrician or chief engineer. He also sailed on the Oriana, Orcades and another i know the name of was a captured french/german ship called the Cap Touraine.

Unfortunatly my granfather died about 6 years ago but i will never forget his stories of being on these ships. His passion encouraged me to not take to the sea but to go backpacking and see the world. He was a inspiration to me in that sense. I'd love to hear from anyone that knew him.

Matt Johnson

Seeking Hilary Eastleigh

Hi there, I am trying to trace someone who worked on the on the Canberra circa 1990, her name was Hilary Eastleigh. I don't know if she is married now and hence changed her name, but if anyone knows her could you ask her to get in touch?

Simon the Ents Officer

I sailed aboard the Canberra in October of 84.  Looking for Simon the Ent Officer.  He made a BIG impression on me.  HELP PLEASE.


Whereabouts of Annette Potts

Does anyone remember Asssistant Purser Annette Potts? I should like to get in touch with her.

Rod Taylor (2nd Eng)

Derek Chaplin

Hi everyone out there. I met Robbie Brown at the sunderland match yesterday. He had heard that Derek Chaplin had died. Does anyone know if this is true as we also worked together on the ferries?

Derek Fry

Looking for Chris Dillon

Hi, I am living in San Francisco California.

I am looking for my Father Chris Dillon whom worked on the Canberra as a crew member during 1963/1964.

If you have any information or know of any way I can find out more information please let me know.

Louis Dillon

Hunting "Trigger"

Anyone remember a 3rd engineer named "Trigger" first name was Paul, but last name?????

Just curious - looking through photos - would be around 1996.

Sharon Reed

Ken Bassam

I am looking to contact Ken Bassam, or anyone who knows him, as his daughter would like to contact him. Does anyone have any stories about Ken that can be told?

Raymond Winfield

Voyage Dates

Can you help? I travelled on the SS Canberra in early 1970 from Fremantle to Vancouver, via Sydney and Auckland. Is there anybody out there who knows the exact dates of this voyage? I would be delighted to hear from you. Bill Duperouzel from West Australia [now lving in England]

Bill Duperouzel

Seeking information about Kennth Knowles

I am looking for information about a passenger KENNETH KNOWLES (DOB 17-12-21) WHO died aboard Canberra 302649 on 30th January 1993

Please help me.

Looking for Henry (Harrry) Bell

Hi, I'm trying to trace Henry (Harry) Bell who was Accommodation Deputy Purser in the late 60's early 70's.  If anyone is able to help I would be most grateful. 

Thanks very much

Basil Willson

My father Basil Willson stood by Canberra in Belfast and served on board until December 13 1974 when he retired after 40 years service with P&O.

Wwe continued to cruise until 1978 but more to the point I visited Belfast in 1961 for 6 weeks and knew the old girl inside out!!!! Over the years often went on board until the early 1990s and knew many crew in those times. Does any one remember my dad? He was senior barman and had many bars under him and was well known at sea and with shore staff he bacame good friends with Neil Armstrong after the Eclipse cruise in 1974.

Sadly he died in 1996 but I have kept in touch with many and still follow P&O news to this day and knew many crew and officers personally. My son thought Canberra was his second home as I did.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Margaret Hinton

Looking for Ferdinand

I am looking for Ferdinand, who was a crew on maiden voyage of SS Canberra to Australia in 1961.  He was Swiss nationality and I believe he was a cook. Please contact me with any news about him.

Shirley Fox

Looking for information about James Ross/ Reeks / Macleod

Hi, don't know if anyone can help me but i'm trying to find out as much as i can about James Ross who was a pianist on the Canberra a long time ago, all i know is he changed his name to James Ross from Reeks or Macleod. If anyone can remember him it'd be really great to hear from you.

Catherine Higgs

Looking for Allan Gould

I am trying to locate my cousin, Allan Gould, who I believe worked on the ss Canberra in the 1980's as a Purser, or similar.  I last heard from him by way of a postcard on 18.3.1985 posted from Greece.  He said he was en route to London and South America.  His father has since died, not having heard from him for many years.

If anybody remembers Allan, or knows of his current whereabouts, could they please email me at roydi@vianet.net.au

I would be very grateful. 
Diana Bolton

Darren Thomas (Fruitie)

Looking for Crew Member - Darren Thomas (Fruitie) from Wales - Would be grateful if anyone had his email/address.  Was engaged to him yonkers ago and of course that fell thru, but sill would love to know how he is and what he is up to.

Christine Manuel (nee Karlkins)

Old P&O Advertising Posters

Hello wonder if anyone can help
P&O use to sell posters which were the old advertising slogans,
like the 'run away to sea' one and canberra world cruise ones

but when DP world took over and the website and stuff changed they seemed to stop selling them. Does anyone know where to get them from now, there are places that sell the really old ones like the India run ones, but not the last ones they done in the 90s?

help would be good
Mark Rider


JJ Hurst photos

I have some pictures of JJ Hurst and his friends which he may like a copy of - taken in 1984 at a party in the crew quarters.

Kate Hill

Info / Photos of SS Iberia

I am looking for any information or photos on the SS Iberia.  My sister, mother and I set sail from San Francisco in March or April, 1963 on our way to Melbourne, Austraila.  I was only 9 yrs old at the time and would like any information I can get on the ship.

Thank you

Pattie Shoemaker

Seeking Christopher M. Bartlett

I am looking for Christopher M. Bartlett, who was one year old when he traveled from Fremantle, Western Australia to Southampton with his mother, Sheila Shuster and 1/2 brother, Thomas Bartlett.

The travel was sometime around 1966.

Can anyone please help reunite a family member?

Kind Regards,
Jim Zarnick

Looking for Leo Bolger
I've been trying to track down a great Uncle of mine named Leo Bolger. He was a crew member on the SS Canberra in the 1960's. I was wondering if there are any crew listings.
Memorabilia FOR SALE
Is anyone out there interested in buying memorabilia?  As much as I love it, I do have a few pieces which I'd like to sell.
Maria Farminer-Mann.
What happened to the original CANBERRA model?

just wondering if you have any info on the original model made when the ship was built, it's whereabouts if known. This is a family interest as the model was made by a relative, thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Gerry Bermingham

Seeking Gary Hall (ex ORIANA)
I was friends with a guy by the name of Gary Hall he was a steward on the Oriana in 1969 / 1970 can anyone help me to get in touch with him? Thanks Elizabeth Anwyl (nee Galwey)
Canberra Winger seeks the Thickbroom brothers

Hi to all old ship mates. I joined ss Canberra as a winger 1st class silver waiter 1970-1972 under Commodor Wacher. I looked after all his inportant guests at mealtimes and also the Commodore's needs.

I joined ss Canberra from ss Iberia, promoted from bellboy tourist bells. I held the record for two years as the youngest person to pass steering certificate in P&O Lines.

I have many wonderful memories of places and wonderful mates I served with. I recall the crew 2nd Steward a Mr Michael Seven, ss Iberia and Bill White restaurant head steward.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Looking for information on Peter Tickbroom and Colin Thickbroom. Colin was 2nd Butcher on Iberia and Peter was a bedroom steward on both. Wonderful guys - I owe them so much for being there as great blokes.

I would be very grateful if any person know of their whereabouts of email / ponhe numbers.

Many thanks to all for any help received.
Regards, Michael Cavanagh

Piano playing Argentine POW seeks contact with any former crew/solders
I'm not an old crew member of the Canberra. I was an Argentinean conscript soldier when the British Army took us prisoners and repatriated back on board the Canberra.

I have not any political interes doing this contact with you. I just would like to contact some person who was crew in 1982 (civil or military) only for sharing memories of that trouble times we lived, for personal/spiritual enrichment.

I'm interested specially to contact anyone who was in a special moment on board. That special moment took place in the morning of June 15th of 1982 in one of the saloon of the ship. The fact because I name 'special' to this moment is that I'm the soldier who played the piano in that saloon. Would be amazing for me if I found someone who remember this fact.

Please, take in account that there was a very hard times... and now, 25 years later, when somehow I could put more in order myself, I'm interested in remember some things about maybe fot complete an image of thing I have lived

Thank you a lot for your time and for any guide you can bring me to satisfy my needs.

Best regards,
Sergio Vainroj
Relative Burried at Sea
I am researching my family history and find a relative died on the SS Canberra in 1961 and was buried at sea, off the Rock of Gibralter. Is there anyone that I can contact to verify this info. I do not know if he was part of the crew or a passenger.

In appreciation Valerie Howard.
Canberra - A Berth In History
I'm trying to track down a copy of the video 'Canberra - A Berth in History'. Can anyone help me to find a copy? Just as a matter of interest, I was Snr. 2nd. Officer in 1971-72.
Seeking Adrian Ostler (Waiter)
We were on a cruise on the Canberra in approx. 1984 and our waiter Adrian Ostler later became my fiance. Sadly we never got married, however i'd love to know what he's up to. I live in Melbourne, Australia and would love to hear from anyone who knows of Adrian's whereabouts.  I remember visiting him when the Canberra was docked in Sydney and getting his letters from every port he visited. Would love to hear what he's up to, can anyone help?
Allison Griffiths
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Looking for Andy Morgan
Hoping someone can help me trace the where abouts of Andy Morgan who worked on the Canberra back in the 80's. Last known address was Southampton. Thanks, Chris.
Seeking Royston "Roy" Pawley (Electrical Officer)
The Lads from Fleetwood Mafia (aka The Pandoro Mafia). Would love to make contact with you.
Geoff Smith
Looking for Garry W. Turner (?)

I am trying to establish a contact with a steward who I believed worked on the Canberra around 1967. It is believed that his name was Garry W. Turner however the surname could different. Any help would be appreciated.
Tony Billman

Seeking Nial O'Donnell
I was a passenger on the ss Canberra in 1977. I had a fantastic time on board the ship, and I met some wonderful, lovely, friendly crew members. I am hoping to get in contact with one in particular - his name is Nial O'Donnell, we met in the pool bar where he worked as a purser we kept in contact for a long while but unfortunatley we lost contact over the years.... I would like to re-contact Nial again just to catch up. Fiona Stevenson (nee Patterson)
Voyage from Southampton, 16th January 1966

If anyone has one I would dearly love a copy of the passenger list for the Canberra for her journey which departed Southampton on 16th January 1966 and arrived in Melbourne on 8th February. Copies of ANYTHING to do with this particular journey would be much appreciated (eg menus, newspapers, itinerary etc). My Dad passed away just over two years ago and we are trying to put together family history for our children and in particularly our youngest brother who was born in Australia. 

My parents Tom and Mary Hunter emigrated to Australia from Glasgow, travelling on the SS Canberra and it was certainly a memorable journey full of wonderful experiences.

I take my hat off to my parents as they travelled to the other side of the world with 8 children aged from 11 down to 3 months. We were in cabins D238 and D240 and had a wonderful young fair haired English waiter called John, from Liverpool, who did a great job looking after us in the dining room on E deck.

My brothers and sisters and I have great memories of our journey on the Canberra with quite a few funny stories.

Before leaving Glasgow we had our photo taken by the Glasgow Observer who mentioned we were travelling on the Canberra and also had our photo taken on the Canberra itself when she docked in Melbourne, by one of the Melbourne Newspapers.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who was on this particular journey.

Contact Margaret (Maggie) Adair (nee Hunter)
Gabriel Pozsonyi and Joan Dorothy Embleton
I am the son of two serving crew members (Gabriel Pozsonyi and Joan Dorothy Embleton) who I believe were working on the ship around the time of 1968/1970 as hairdressers.

I believe they left the ship around the time of 69/70 to have a child (me). I am just trying to find any details anyone might have of them as my mother is now dead and i am just trying to research the family tree. My father had come from Hungary.
Fat Dennis
Looking through old photos, I have found one of Fat Dennis at the top of Tokyo tower, which I took on the World Cruise 71. He was a tourist winger, his friends were Sammy Lyle, Tiny
and Dennis Bye. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, I would glady send it, to him.
Joe Pratt
Kaz McMillan seeks old friend Andy Micklefay (?)
I've been trying to get hold of an old friend of mine that worked on the ship up until the end. He was an engineer and he was Scottish. His name was Andy and his surname was something like Micklefay (it alsmost sounds like microwave). If anyone can help please email Kaz.
Charles Walter Liddard
I am researching my family tree and I am trying to find information on a relative that was on the SS Canberra. His name was Charles Walter Liddard and he was a passenger on his way from Australia to England. He was very ill with cancer and although he had been living in Australia he wished to die in England. Sadly he died on the voyage home and was buried at see, he died on 27th November 1970 aged 55 years.

Can you help me find any information or where I may be able to get some documentation with any information on the burial eg: who was present and who the captain and other officers would have been that performed the service.

I have not been able to trace a death certificate but hoped that if I could get a copy of the ships log that should have recorded such an event it would give me more leads in my search.
Hope that you may be able to help or know of some one that can.

Best regards and wishes.
Terry Rogers
Does anyone remember Derek Chaplin?
My brother-in-law, Mr Derek Chaplin served on the Canberra for many years as a steward, and he was aslo one of the 129 British Crew who volunteered to stay aboard and sail to the Falklands. Sadly Derek has since died in Australia.

My wife Andrea (Derek's sister) is very proud of his exploits and that of all of the Crew during this time in the ships history, as am I. I have been reading the story of the ssCanberra it is a fascinating tale but a sad end. maybe it is fitting that the Great White Whale ended up beached?

My sister-in-law Mrs Diane Chaplin and her Daughter Lille Rose Chaplin are still living in Wononna Australia and would love to hear from any one that served with Derek on the ssCanberra or on any of the NorthSea Ferrys that he worked on?

Please use this email address to make contact and I will send the messages on,

Smudger Smith (ex 2 Para)
Looking for steward Benny (F & G Decks)
I worked as an entertainer (amongst many other P & O ships) from 1969 until she 'departed' Southampton for the last time. Is there any chance of getting in touch with Benny (Best steward ever) on F deck and sometimes G deck, the entertainers deck?
Best wishes Roger Cane.
Who was Cray Thorn?
Found grave site of a man named Cray Thorn who served on the Canberra. His headstone said he was a hero. Any information appreciated.
Raymond James Brough (Pommy Ray)

We are trying to find anyone who might remember Raymond James Brough. He sailed on the Canberra in the early part of the 60's from Southampton to New Zealand. We believe he was a crew member on this voyage.

This was his only voyage as he took up residency in New Zealand immediately after this trip.
He would have been 16 or 17 years old at the time. Please feel free to contact us if you remember Ray or have any information, photos or if you know of any way of obtaining such information such as a crew list. Thank you. Email capss@optusnet.com.au.

Searching for David Webb
Looking for David Webb born c. 1947? from Sussex? He met my sister Naida from Vancouver Canada. They dated in the 60's. David went home and married a local girl. Just would like to see how he is doing. Contact Mrs L Gebert / Vicki Barber.
Looking for Stewart Williams (ex ORIANA)
Hi. I wonder can anybody help me.

My name is Michael Evans I am looking for Stewart Williams. He served on bored the ship ORIANA between 1969 to 1974?. I am searching for him on behalf of my wife as he is her birth father. She was adopted in 1974. All we know that he is from Wales and that he worked on board the ship ORIANA. Thank you.
Steve Deadman of Sea Princess / Sun Princess
Hi there just been told about this great site. I'm trying to get in touch with anyone who remembers me from the Sea Princess where I was a Butcher then a Bedroom Steward in the 80s, I then went onto the Sun Princess for 4 years as a BRS, especially looking for Arthur Zarzoza (Cook) a girl called Mo BRS, and Ken Seymore BRS. I've done lots of different things since leaving the sea, and am now an Osteopath and Chartered Physio. Would be great to hear from anyone. Cheers. Stephendeadman@hotmail.co.uk.
Tricia Woods of Sun Princess
I worked on P&O Sun Princess as a stewardess from Sep 1986 - Mar 1987, and am looking to cath up with crew from that time.  Email me on tew@wadhamandisherwood.co.uk.
Looking for Ted/Terry Gordon
Please, please can anyone help with the whereabouts of my Uncle Ted. He worked as an Overseer for the Canberra starting life as a 2nd Cook. We (his brother Barrie, also in the merchant navy) are convinced that he is living in Australia or New Zealand somewhere. We would dearly love to get back in touch with him.  He will be 78 this year. Any info would much appreciated
Bernie Stoton/Danny Stringer
Bernie Stoton/Danny Stringer crew members in 1962. Do they keep in touch? I was a passenger in January 1962. I'm doing research for book! Contact Christine Buzzi (nee Atherton).
Calling Friends of Ronald Leverett
I am looking to trace colleagues of my Uncle Ronald Leverett who worked on the Canberra in the late 60s and 70s. He was a hairdresser and entertainer. Sadly he died of cancer in 1985 but I would like to hear from anyone that knew him. Contact Alison.
Looking for Simon Anderson
Trying to locate Simon Anderson, he was our waiter and my 'friend'! for a few years.  He went to the faulklands and i met him on his return but that was the last contact we had.  Would love to speak to him and find out what he's up to. Contact Julia Charlesworth.